What is the difference between white headlight bulb and yellow headlight bulb in a car?
Jun 13 , 2022

In most people's impressions, cars generally have white lights on, because we generally travel more in normal weather, and travel relatively less in rainy and foggy weather. In fact, car lights are divided into yellow lights and white lights, and the two have different functions and uses.


The relationship between yellow light and white light of LED lights

Both are the lights of the lighting system of the car. Both lights can provide lighting. There is no big difference in the brightness of the lighting between the two. The difference between the yellow light and the white light between different types of lights is not special. big. Yellow light and white light in LED lights are used a lot, and both are used just right.

One difference between white light and yellow light is the difference in color temperature. Generally speaking, the color temperature of white light is above 4000K, while the yellow light is generally between 3000-4000K. The higher the color temperature, the higher the brightness, and the lower the penetration and distance of the light source. Therefore, the penetrating power of the yellow light is relatively strong, and it is suitable for driving in rainy and foggy weather; while the white light is relatively bright, and it is more suitable for normal driving during the day.

cool white led headlight bulb

warm yellow led headlight bulb

Why do more people love white lights?

Although the wavelength of white light is not very long and the penetrating power is not enough, it can "clearly illuminate any object around you, as kind as the sun's light".

Although the penetrating power of yellow light is strong, it is "not so clear" to the surrounding objects, which is a bit of a desire for distance. For the human eye, it must be the "human eye", which cannot achieve the function of "clairvoyance". As long as it can distinguish things within a certain safety range, it is enough to maintain a safe distance. White light just fills the "defect" that other light sources can't achieve.

According to scientific data research, the color temperature of white light around 6000K is just the most acceptable light for the human eye. The color temperature of the color spectrum is slightly changed from white to blue, which is easy for the human eye to accept and not easy to fatigue. , For the 3000K yellow light, it only warns the safety in a wider range, reminds pedestrians or vehicles farther away, and there are moving objects or pedestrians at the source of the light source.


The yellow light has strong penetrating power, suitable for driving in rainy and foggy weather

The wavelength and color temperature characteristics of the yellow light also make the penetrating power of the yellow light particularly strong, which is more conducive to driving in extreme weather such as rain, fog and heavy snow. Therefore, this feature of the yellow light has been paid more and more attention and reused. More and more LED lights are flexibly applying the yellow light. Through the flexible switching between the white light and the yellow light, the car owners can feel more safe at ease during the driving process.

RedSea T-Glory series Led headlight bulbs can be freely switched between white and yellow to achieve a bright and safe effect.

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