How often do car headlights need to be replaced?
Jun 12 , 2022

Car headlights (headlights, headlights) are responsible for providing illumination for the car to drive day and night, wind and rain, they are the eyes of the car, and their importance is pivotal. The "soul" of a car headlight is its bulb, and its performance directly affects the lighting effect of the headlight, which in turn affects driving safety.



Main types of lights on the market and their service life

At present, the types of car lights on the market can be roughly divided into four types: halogen lights, xenon lights, LED lights, and laser lights. Among them, LED lights are the mainstream choice of lights in the current market. Halogen lamps were once all the rage, their prices are cheap, but their lifespans are short, usually hundreds of hours, and they are gradually being phased out. The service life of the xenon lamp can reach 2500 to 3000 hours, and the lighting effect is greatly improved compared to the halogen lamp. The service life of LED lights can reach 30,000-50,000 hours, and the lighting effect is quite good. Laser headlights are now in the theoretical stage and have not yet formed a mature market development.


It is worth mentioning that, no matter what type of bulbs, they all have the best lifespan, not just how long the lifespan of the lamp can be used normally, the lamp needs to be replaced.


The lights need to be replaced every 50,000 kilometers or 2 years

Like other parts of a car, lights also need maintenance. Generally speaking, every 50,000 kilometers or about 2 years, the brightness of the headlight bulb will be significantly weakened compared with the factory. At this time, go to the 4S shop for inspection (perhaps factors such as driving during the day are not easy to detect. ). If it is found that the brightness is indeed insufficient, then it is recommended to replace the bulbs, and the two bulbs on the left and right sides should be replaced to avoid the situation that the brightness on both sides is different.

The advantages of maintaining and replacing the lights are that one can increase the brightness of the lights to ensure driving safety, and the other is to facilitate the annual inspection of the car. Here, it is recommended that more car owners should strengthen the maintenance of the lights.


Environmental factors can also affect the reduction of the brightness of the lights

There is also an objective situation that affects the reduction of the brightness of the light. The aging of the lampshade due to the influence of the environment will also reduce the brightness of the headlight to more than 50%. Dirty and aging lamp shades will also blur the light and cause dizziness. Therefore, the aging lamp shades should also be replaced in time.


What should be paid attention to when replacing headlights

1. The same type of lamp is not universal and can be used for all models. Whether it can be used depends on the model of the lamp. The shape and size of the socket of the same model are the same, and it can be used after the corresponding installation. Each lamp is marked with a model number, and you should carefully confirm whether the lamp model is the same before purchasing.

2. The insurance company will not pay for the self-ignition of the vehicle caused by the modification. Therefore, when replacing the lights, you should go to the 4S shop to have the staff replace them, and choose high-quality lights to replace.

3. High-quality bulbs have good light distribution and high brightness, while inferior bulbs have insufficient brightness, lack of focus, and short range. When overtaking, it will cause the driver to have visual illusions and be prone to accidents. In addition, due to the poor sealing of low-quality lamps and lanterns, water is easy to enter in rainy days or when washing cars, which will cause fog in the lamp, and in severe cases, it will cause a short circuit and fire. Therefore, it is recommended to choose high-quality car headlights. A pair of bright eyes can make you walk more confidently and safely.

4. After replacing the headlights, the test effect must be confirmed before driving normally. The replacement of some car headlights will affect the lighting system of the whole vehicle. In addition, it is necessary to carry out irregular vehicle light inspection and maintenance.


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