What affects the service life of LED headlight bulb?
Jul 10 , 2022

There are more and more types of LED headlight kits on the market, which are different in appearance design, size, LED chip, wattage, etc., leaving most customers confused.

As an expert in the automotive lighting market, we would like to share our knowledge for your reference to help you find the best LED headlight bulb for you.


In fact, the most important points of LEDS include:

Perfect optical performance

Longer service life

Simple and easy to install

Price is also important to customers.

In this first article, we want to share with you what we know about Lifespan


There is no doubt that every customer wants to have the most durable product, which means a longer life.

But how do you tell if a light bulb is durable?

We have three factors for your consideration.


1. LED chip quality

LED chip has a high temperature range.

For example, the CREE XHP50 tops out at around 150 ° C (302 ° F), while another cheap LED may top out at 120 ° C (248 ° F). If the wattage is the same and the operating temperature exceeds 110 ° C (230 ° F), the other one will burn easily.

So you need to use well-known brands or companies of LED chips.


2. LED headlight power supply

More wattage input, more brightness from the LED chip, also means more heat.

Therefore, it is very important to keep the wattage within a reasonable range.

Based on our experience, the maximum reasonable wattage for fan-cooled headlight bulbs is approximately 60 watts per bulb.


3. High efficiency OF LED heat dissipation.

Efficient LED cooling capacity is a very important factor, it depends on reasonable design.

TRENT has a lot to share in this section.


A. The contact rate between LED and PCB board.

The larger the contact area, the more effective the cooling capacity.

Below is the LED chip that we passed X-ray detection.

Close to 100% area contact (using special high-tech welding process).

This is why Redsea products are consistently durable and have a long life.

H7 LED headlight bulbs for Cars


B. Use the best heat conducting metal (such as copper) as the core component (such as LED PCB board).

This ensures that a lot of heat can be emitted from the LED chip.

Worth the extra cost, all Redsea LED headlight conversion kits are made from copper PCB boards.

H4 led headlights bulb for cars


C. The shape design of the cooling part is also important.

Large aluminum components need to be large enough to accommodate the size and cooling area.

Without this, heat cannot dissipate quickly, and LED chips can be damaged by high temperatures.

However, too large part will cause installation difficulties, vehicle assembly space is limited.


D. For LED headlight bulbs with ribbons, such as copper and aluminum.

Due to its smaller size, installation is easier.

However, we recommend you install it according to the veteran's guide and make sure the ribbon is as scattered as possible.

If they are not properly installed, heat is difficult to emit, so the LED is easy to burn.


E. Cooling fan is the main factor affecting the life of LED headlight bulb with fan.

There are a wide variety of fan products on the market, but prices and quality vary widely.

Premium fans can cost up to twice as much as cheaper ones.


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