Can I Put LED Bulbs in my Stock Headlights?
Mar 08 , 2022


Seeing clearly when driving, especially at night, is arguably one of the most important factors for driving safely.

Although some newer luxury vehicles are now starting to come with LEDs or HIDs by default, over 95% of cars on the road, old and new, are still equipped with halogen bulb technology.

Many drivers are tired and frustrated with the dull, yellowish light output from halogen headlight bulbs and as a result, we frequently get asked: “Can I put LED bulbs in my stock halogen headlight?”. The good news is that, yes, you can.

Here at RedSea, we offer LED headlight conversion kits.

In this article, we’ll dive into this question in greater detail, how halogen headlight conversion kits work and other alternatives available to you.


Conversion Kits - How Do They Work?

Now that you know that you can replace halogen bulbs with either LED bulb conversion kits, you are probably wondering how they work.

LED conversion kits are essentially composed of headlight bulbs that are perfectly compatible with stock halogen headlights. The main difference between the two, aside from the different technology, is the accessories that come in each kit.

LED headlight conversion kits include a set of bulbs and LED drivers. The bulbs produce the light and the drivers regulate the flow of current from your vehicle to the LED bulbs, essentially making the LED bulbs compatible with your vehicle.



The LED bulbs will have an identical design to your halogen bulbs in terms of both the locking tabs and plugs. So the bulbs will lock in perfectly to your housing and connect right to your car or truck’s power harness.


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