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Jul 02 , 2022

Car headlights are lighting fixtures that are symmetrically installed on both sides of the front end of the vehicle to identify the front view when driving at night. LED headlights are lighting fixtures that use LEDs as light sources.


LED is an electroluminescent device, which uses solid semiconductor chips as light-emitting materials, and directly emits light through photon emission caused by the recombination of carriers. As early as 10 years ago, LED has embarked on the journey to enter the automotive field. At present, the application of LED in interior lighting and brake lights, emergency lights, daytime running lights, etc. has achieved results. The proportion is already more than 80%. With the rapid development of LED lighting technology and the gradual cost reduction, LED headlamps are getting closer and closer to the bright prospect of being widely used in mass-produced vehicle systems after undergoing technical verification and concept car demonstrations in recent years. Soon more car manufacturers will use LED lights for automotive lighting.


h7 automotive led headlight bulbs


There are several different working principles of white LEDs. The "blue LED + yellow phosphor" type is the middle and high level of white LED development, and it may be used in LED automotive headlight systems. "Ultraviolet LED + red, green and blue "three-color phosphor" type has the potential to be used as a general lighting system due to its high color rendering index, but when used as a headlight system, it is necessary to study how to overcome the aging of plastics caused by ultraviolet light. Function. The "red, green and blue three-chip" type has the ability to change the color of the light, but it still cannot be used in the headlamp system, because it is difficult to overcome its color change during use, which may come from 3 Differences in chip temperature characteristics may also come from the rate of wear and degradation of different LEDs.


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