Do LED Headlights Bulb Fade Over Time?
Jul 03 , 2022

A common question we get and a hot topic in the automotive community is do leds lose brightness over time?

The short answer is yes, they do.Leds headlights bulb gradually lose up to 70% of their original light output over time.

Halogen bulbs, on the other hand, hardly fade over time.When they finish their course, they just stop working.However, their service life is only a fraction of that of leds.

For leds and HID, the attenuation of light intensity (dimming) is very slow and gradual, like watching hair grow.So knowing when to replace LED headlights and fog bulbs can be tricky.

As a general rule of thumb, the higher quality bulbs will last longer and fade more slowly, as is the case with our LED headlights kits, which last up to 45,000 hours respectively.

In this article, we will explore why leds fade over time and at what rate they should typically fade.We'll discuss how to extend their maximum light output for as long as possible and end with some tips and tricks and some frequently asked questions.


Do LED headlights and fog lights fade?

Yes, LED headlights and fog bulbs fade very slowly.Various scientific studies have shown that high-quality leds can last up to 50,000 hours before they are no longer suitable for their intended use.

For vehicles, this means that LED bulbs will no longer produce enough light to illuminate the road ahead in a safe way.They still work and produce a faint light, but it can't do its job.



Why do LED headlights and fog bulbs lose their brightness?

Simply put, LED bulbs fade over time, not because they are damaged or defective, but mainly because of heat, partly due to excessive shaking or vibration.

LED chips are made up of many microscopic components that produce light.Overheating and vibration can cause thread dislocations, which basically means a break of the assembly.As more and more components break apart due to heat, less and less light is produced.The more heat and mechanical stress (vibration) the LED chip is subjected to, the faster the LED bulb fades as the screw dislocations accelerate.


Extend the service life of LED headlights and fog lamps.

Now that we understand why LED bulbs fade over time, we can understand how to maximize their light output.

As mentioned in the previous section, heat is the number one enemy of LED chips and bulbs.So keeping them cool should be a top priority.While most LED headlight bulbs are equipped with cooling fans, not all work properly.

So a great LED with a great light output but a bad fan won't last very long, which destroys a big part of the MAIN selling point of leds - long life.What you are looking for are LED bulbs with powerful, cool fans, such as those on our LED headlight bulbs.Our micro turbofan, which spins at 12,000 RPM and is fixed in our aluminum housing, is powerful and quiet, keeping your bulb cool and bright for a long time.

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