How to choose car led headlights? Professional headlight installers tell the trick!
Jun 16 , 2022

As a professional car LED headlight installation master, today, a car friend asked me: how to choose car LED headlights? Then I will answer this question with this article.


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1. Determine the car headlight model: First of all, you must determine the headlight model of your car. How to determine it? There are some in the car manual (user manual), there is a page that says the model of the whole car bulb, the model of the headlight and the small light are written. In addition, riders can go to the applet, public account or website for professional inquiries about car headlight models, and they can also get the headlight model of their car. The model of the original car halogen bulb is the same as the model of the car LED headlight, and they are produced according to the unified specifications.

Second, the selection of automotive LED headlights: There are many types of automotive LED headlights on the market today. How to choose the right headlights for you? It depends on whether there is a lens, whether the far and near lights are separated, whether the installation position is enough, whether decoding is required, and so on. Let's discuss these issues separately:

A. Whether there is a lens: Strictly speaking, the headlights used by cars with lenses are different from those used by cars without lenses. Of course, people who don't understand may say that the same headlights can be used.

Cars with bifocal lenses, such as Toyota Ralink, need to use headlights specially developed for lenses, and the light pattern will be better. If ordinary LED headlights are installed on a car with bifocal lenses, there will be dark areas of lighting. , the lighting effect is not ideal.

What is the difference between LED headlights specially designed for lenses and ordinary LED headlights? The main difference lies in the design of the lamp beads. Most of the LED headlights specially designed for the lens use "cross-shaped lamp beads", which can eliminate the dark area of ​​​​lighting.

B. Whether the far and near beams are separated: The LED headlights used in the car with the far and near beams separated and the far and near beams integrated are also different, and the lamp bead design is different. The low beam that separates the far and near beams generally uses long strip lamp beads, and the high beam generally adopts square lamp beads; the LED that integrates the far and near beams generally adopts cross-shaped lamp beads. The difference in lamp bead design is for light type, not dazzling.


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C. Is the installation position of the headlights enough: why do you mention this, because some car headlights have very short installation positions, such as the Highlander and the new X-Trail high beam, which require special short headlights to be installed. Ordinary LED headlights cannot be installed.

In addition, if you don't have a special short headlight, you really need to install ordinary LED headlights. Adding an extended version of the dust cover can also solve this problem. Let's analyze the specific situation.



D. See if you need to decode: Volkswagen, Skoda, Jeep and other series of cars need to be decoded, and they need to be adapted to LED headlights with their own decoding function, such as the RedSea star Led headlight bulb T-Glory series, which is specially designed for models that need to be decoded Designed.

If ordinary LED headlights are installed, the car may have various headlight failures caused by decoding problems, such as the instrument panel fault light on, the headlights not on, the headlights flashing three times when starting, and the lights are automatically turned off.


3. Look at the brand of car LED headlights: Brand headlights are more guaranteed in terms of quality, brightness and after-sales. In addition, there are more installation sites for brand headlights, and it is more convenient for riders to install lights.


4. Choose the right color temperature: Different types of headlights have different requirements for color temperature. For example, the color of the headlights can be white, yellow-white or yellow, but the fog lights must be yellow. The color temperature of white light is generally 6000K or 6500K, the color temperature of yellow light is 2500K or 3000K, and the color temperature of yellow and white light is 4300K.


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